Master of Light

Monographic Master Class sessions about the study of light and photography applied to photorealistic integration of CGI for NUKE™ Compositors

What is the Master of Light Program?

“This program is the result of my constant lifetime research and strive to excel in the field of photorealism. An alchemy of Science, Technology and Art. It took me many years and study in different fields to be able to bring this to you in only 10 hours. Compositing, Photography, CG Lighting, Perception, Cinematography, Optics, Color Science and Management, Composition, Technique, Maths and Physics, History of Art and Storytelling.

As a VFX Supervisor I often find fundamental errors in the composites presented by many Compositors that denote a lack of deep knowledge in the phenomena of light and principles of photography. We all know that there are areas of compositing that rely heavily in procedural techniques, like for instance rig removals, clean-ups, or greenscreen extractions... but the quintessence of compositing for any senior role is the photorealistic integration of CGI, to make it look like it was shoot there with the rest of the scene, and that requires a deeper level of understanding of the art and science of capturing images and reproducing light. It requires knowledge from different disciplines that was difficult to gather until now.

I have designed these Sessions for VFX compositors with professional experience who want to improve their knowledge of Compositing in NUKE™ to skill up their careers and become Masters of Light and rise their game.

The course is open to all levels of VFX professionals, but I would recommend at least one year of professional experience to follow these Sessions, since during these sessions, neither the basic use of NUKE™ nor the fundamental concepts of Compositing will be taught. The Sessions are monographic, each class is dedicated to an advanced aspect of CGI Integration to focus maximum attention on aspects that are very difficult to be learned at a professional efficiency level of production, using a scientific methodology of observation and study with a practical application and demonstration in a combination of Science, Technology and Art. I have developed a methodology through my personal research and collaboration with high-level professionals thanks to the experience of more than 25 years in high-level projects working at the highest qualities standards of photorealism.

I offer you the possibility of increasing your professional level in just 10 hours, where you can ask me all those questions for which you have never been able to find answers, and maybe on the way you will also you will discover new questions you've never asked yourself.

What if you miss a class or can't attend due to schedule incompatibility or you are located in a time zone that is really far to be convenient? Don't worry, you have the possibility to buy the recordings of all the sessions with your Enrolment, so you won't miss anything and you will be able to review all the contents of the sessions on your own at your own convenience and return to it as many times as you want. The recordings are available to you with your registration even if you prefer not to attend the classes and watch them directly on video. Available for you to download just a couple of hours after every session.

All of this at an affordable price.”
Victor Perez

Dates and Times


Wednesdays (x 10 weeks)

September 7, 14, 21, 28; October 5, 12, 19, 26; November 2 and 9, 2022


8pm GMT

Los Angeles / Vancouver     1pm
Mexico DF           3pm
New York / Montreal / Toronto  4pm
Buenos Aires          5pm
London              9pm
Madrid / Paris / Berlin / Rome   10pm
Mumbai / Chennai         1:30am (Thursday)
Beijing               4am (Thursday)
Seoul               5am (Thursday)
Sydney               6am (Thursday)

Syllabus of
  • Session 1
    Aesthetics of Compositing

  • Session 2
    Sensitometry: The Characteristic Curve

  • Session 3
    Analysis of NUKE™ Color Transformation Operators

  • Session 4
    Photorealistic CGI Integration (I): The Beauty Primary Grade Process

  • Session 5
    Photorealistic CGI Integration (II): Secondary Grade Curve Modelling

  • Session 6
    Full CGI Photorealistic Shot: A Narrative Physically-Plausible Use of Light

    Session 7
  • Lensing Qualities of Light (I): Observation, Analysis & Reproduction

  • Session 8
    Lensing Qualities of Light (II): Artefacts

  • Session 9
    Reproducing Light Occlusions and Integrating Shadows

  • Session 10
    CGI Relighting Workflows & Deep Image Integration

Download the Syllabus

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Online Sessions Live

You can watch and interact with Victor Perez on Zoom™ during the Session as in any physical classroom, but with the advantage of the comfort of being at home or in your own office. You can be anywhere in the planet and still you do not need to spend time and money in travel and accommodation to improve your career with one of the best. Victor not only shares his webcam but also his screen where he explains while making the scripts directly in NUKE ™ in front of you. You can directly ask your questions. Victor Perez also instantly shares all the files he produces during the lessons through a shared Dropbox™ folder.

We also offer you the option to purchase all the recordings of the Sessions, which you usually receive a few minutes after each Session. So you can review the entire class without worrying about taking notes on the fly, to be able to pay full attention with the peace of mind that you won't miss anything. You can watch and rewatch the recordings anytime as you can download them and they remain for you. Select the Enrollment with Recordings option for just €50 more over the standard price of the course. Recordings are available exclusively to course enrollees and are not sold separately.
*Personal recordings of the Sessions are not allowed.

Frequent Asked Questions

Can I take this course if I’m a Junior Compositor?

Of course you can! It is actually recommended for Junior Compositors to grow with a solid knowledge base and skill up faster. Just keep in mind this course is not an introduction to NUKE™, so we expect you to be familiar with the software, just that.

Can I take this course without attending but just watching the Recordings of the Classes?

Sure! That is one of the reasons Victor decided to make available the recordings. Of course we will encourage you to attend if you could as you could benefit of asking questions to Victor directly, but if you can not for any reason, the recordings are available to you anyway, to watch when you like as many times as you like.

Can I buy just the recordings without the enrolment?

No, sorry. The recordings of any Victor Perez live course are and will be exclusively available for enrolled mentees. In any case, we offer you the possibility to purchase the Course and the Recordings even if you plan not to attend.

Can I buy the recordings later if I just get the enrolment now?

Yes but the price will be higher than purchasing the Recordings bundled with your Enrolment. The price of the Recordings separated from the Enrolment is £199 GBP (available exclusively for Mentees who did not purchased the bundle).

I am a Lighter, Can I take this course?

Yes, if you are familiar with NUKE™ you will broad your knowledge and this course will help you understand how to get better result for your renders and what can be do in compositing to put the icing on the cake of your lighting.

I am a Digital Matte Painter who uses NUKE™, Can I take this course?

Yes! You will grow your compositing skills to improve your results. If you use NUKE™ in your workflow this course is for you.

Is it in English?

Yes, this one is in English.


By attending at least 8 out of the 10 sessions (or by purchasing the recordings of the classes) you will receive a digital Official Master of Light Certificate of Completion with the details of the Syllabus of the Course released by Victor Perez, NUKE™ Compositing Master Certified by FOUNDRY®.

Together with the Certificate you will receive a Badge of Master of Light®, that you can display on your CV/Resume, LinkedIn profile…

*This Certificate has a unique serialised registration and validation process.




  • 10 Weekly sessions of 1 hour each - All lectures are live and you can participate
  • Digital Didactic Material Included (Articles and Guides + Film Scans + Multipass CG + 3D Assets + Scripts + Tools)


Enrolment + Recordings


  • 10 Weekly sessions of 1 hour each - All lectures are live and you can participate
  • Digital Didactic Material Included (Articles and Guides + Film Scans + Multipass CG + 3D Assets + Scripts + Tools)
  • Recordings of all the Live Sessions Included

Some of the VFX studios where Victor Perez's former and current mentees work nowadays:

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