Enrolment: Master of Light course


Monographic Master Class sessions about the study of light and photography applied to photorealistic integration of CGI for NUKE™ Compositors, in English. 10 Sessions of 1 hour each.


September 7, 14, 21, 28;
October 5, 12, 19, 26;
November 2 and 7;

Time: 8pm GMT (9pm London Time).

  • Session 1
    Aesthetics of Compositing

  • Session 2
    Sensitometry: The Characteristic Curve

  • Session 3
    Analysis of NUKE™ Color Transformation Operators

  • Session 4
    Photorealistic CGI Integration (I): The Beauty Primary Grade Process

  • Session 5
    Photorealistic CGI Integration (II): Secondary Grade Curve Modelling

  • Session 6
    Full CGI Photorealistic Shot: A Narrative Physically-Plausible Use of Light

    Session 7
  • Lensing Qualities of Light (I): Observation, Analysis & Reproduction

  • Session 8
    Lensing Qualities of Light (II): Artefacts

  • Session 9
    Reproducing Light Occlusions and Integrating Shadows

  • Session 10
    CGI Relighting Workflows & Deep Image Integration

*This course has been designed for professional VFX Compositors with work experience of at least Junior level. This is not a course for beginners. Participants are assumed to be familiar with NUKE™ and the basics of VFX Compositing.
**This purchase option does not include the recordings of the sessions. Personal recordings (audio and/or video) of these sessions are forbidden.

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